marine salvage airbags

Marine Salvage Airbags

marine salvage airbags

Marine Salvage Airbags in use

Marine salvage and refloatation is another application of ship launching marine airbags after update. Evergreen Maritime marine salvage airbags are designed with lifting belts and shackles equipped on the update ship launching air bags.

Marine Salvage Airbags is the toughest air lifting bags. It can be used as salvage pontoon for the supporting docks, and other floating structures. Also can be used to salvage the shipwreck, rescue the floating bridge and dock construction. It really come into own when marine salvage airbags employed in heavy duty salvage work under severe environment.

Construction Features of Marine Salvage Airbags

Marine salvage airbags is to be constructed of an out rubber layer, multilayer heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers, and an inner rubber layer vulcanized firmly. It has the cylindrical balloon body, with two conical head and end mouth. Air tightness swivel and air inlet kits are screwed with end mouth.

marine salvage airbags

Construction of Marine Salvage Airbags

Polyester webbing lifting straps are located symmetrically along the body of marine salvage airbags. The pick points of every strap are then connect to one screw pin shackle. The total lifting of these straps shall maintain a minimum 6:1 safety factor of the operational load.

Advantages comparing with PVC Air Lift Bags

PVC air lift bags are widely used for the diving or marine salvage industry. Evergreen Maritime marine salvage airbags are made by multilayer heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers. It’s more sturdy and reliability than PVC air lifting bags, which is made only by one layer PVC coating fabric.

marine salvage airbags

Marine Salvage Airbags

underwater air lift bags

PVC Air Lift Bags


Super-high tensile strength — Heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers is framework material of our marine salvage airbags. The breaking strength of each synthetic-tire-cord layer is more than 15,000 N / 5cm, which is two times of PVC coating fabric material.

Resistant to abrasion — The thickness of Evergreen Maritime marine salvage airbags is up to 12mm or more. The PVC air lift bag only is about 1.5mm. In bad environment, the PVC air lift bag is easily scratched or damaged by sharp objects. But our marine salvage airbags can resistant the scratch. Even the out rubber was damaged, the inner synthetic-tire-cord layer also can work well.

Multiple application — Normally, the parachute type PVC lifting bags used for the lifting work from underwater. The enclosed type lifting bags used for the buoyancy support of surface. But our marine salvage airbags are qualified for these two work, because of its high working pressure.

Buoyancy List of Marine Salvage Airbags

Different combination of diameter and length, make marine salvage airbags achieve different buoyancy capacity. The biggest buoyancy of each marine salvage airbag can reach 100ton.

Length (m)
Marine Salvage Airbags Buoyancy(tons)
D=1m D=1.2m D=1.5m D=1.8m D=2m
5 3.93 5.65 8.84 12.72 15.71
6 4.71 6.79 10.6 15.27 18.85
7 5.5 7.92 12.37 17.81 21.99
8 6.28 9.05 14.14 20.36 25.13
9 7.07 10.18 15.9 22.9 28.27
10 7.85 11.31 17.67 25.45 31.42
11 8.64 12.44 19.44 27.99 34.56
12 9.42 13.57 21.21 30.54 37.7
13 10.21 14.7 22.97 33.08 40.84
14 11 15.83 24.74 35.63 43.98
15 11.78 16.96 26.51 38.17 47.12
16 12.57 18.1 28.27 40.72 50.27
17 13.35 19.23 30.04 43.26 53.41
18 14.14 20.36 31.81 45.8 56.55

All Evergreen Maritime marine salvage airbags are manufactured and tested comply with ISO 14409 “Ships and marine technology – ship launching air bags” and IMCA D 016, certificated by third party classification society.

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