rubber foam fenders

Rubber Foam Fenders

Evergreen Maritime rubber foam fenders are the toughest floating fenders on the market. Rubber foam fenders are designed for hard work. It’s more tough than any cushion type foam fenders. 

Evergreen Maritime rubber foam fenders are filled with closed cell foam core,  and synthetic-tire-cord layer reinforced rubber skin. Then, the foam fenders body is protected by the chain and tire net. This design make Evergreen Maritime rubber foam fenders the most rugged foam fenders.

Advantages of Rubber Foam Fenders 

Rubber foam fenders are burst resistant and unsinkable design. It’s perfect for the ship-to-ship operations, offshore structures, or anywhere needing absolute fender reliability. Special construction offers a number of important features and advantages.

●  High energy absorption and low reaction force
●  Tough, nylon filament reinforced polyurethane skin
●  Protection for rough surface
●  Adjust to water level
●  Unsinkable design even if skin is punctured
●  Low Maintenance
●  Easy installation
●  Large standoff distance

Construction of Rubber Foam Fenders

Rubber foam fenders are fabricated with closed-cell resilient foam, with tough rubber skin, reinforced with synthetic layers, and protection chain and tire net.

Netted Rubber Foam Fenders

Netted Rubber Foam Fenders

A. Rubber foam fenders are filled with highest quality resilient closed-cell foam. This specific foam can provide high energy absorption with relatively low reaction force. Even the skin was punctured, it also is unsinkable without absorbing water. With our unique laminating process, each foam core is integrity. The foam core cannot be ruptured when compressed.

B. Rubber foam fenders’ skin is constructed of tough rubber which is reinforced with nylon filament. The rubber skin is unique elastomer specifically for fender applications.

C. Comprising through central steel tube and external load distribution flanges at each end. All end fitting are hot-dip-galvanized. 

D. Rubber foam fenders incorporate chain and tire net. The chain and tire net design uses heavy duty hop-dipped-galvanized chain, fitted with heavy ties at the net intersections. This chain and tire net carry the tensile load, minimizes stress in the fender skin.

Performance of Rubber Foam Fenders

Rubber foam fenders are normally supplied with standard capacity. Low reaction capacity, or high capacity also are available upon request.

Performance of Ever-Cushion Netted Foam Fenders

All Evergreen Maritime rubber foam floating fenders are manufactured comply with PIANC Guidelines.

Netless Rubber Foam Fenders

Netless Rubber Foam Fenders

To see more pictures on Alibaba Showroom or Flickr.

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