Floating Fenders Test

According to ISO 17357 : 2002 , each fenders involving different methods of basic construction and/or design, shall require a prototype test .
Evergreen Maritime strictly follow this standard to supply qualified floating fenders to the clients . He invests another 3000 tons of pressure test equipment to keep high guarantee for the YOKOHAMA pneumatic rubber fenders .

Performance Test , Compression Test

Before the delivery of the fenders, a performance test should be performed which is to determine the performance of the floating fenders. Apply a compressive force to the  pneumatic rubber fender till the pneumatic fenders reaches the guarantee energy absorption (GEA)value . Record the reaction force and internal pressure during its deflection . Then the performance  of the rib fenders can be calculated as follows .

Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Fenders


fender             is the percentage  deflection

fenders            is the compression length, in millimeters

rubber fenders              is the original diameter , in millimeters (i.e. the fender diameter at initial pressure).

floating fenders


floating pneumatic rubber fenders            is the reaction at a given deflection ;

rib fenders                is the incremental deflection .


The pressure test shall be repeated twice for the fenders ,then the energy absorption  and reaction force can be obtained from the two test results .

The pneumatic fender is qualified to meet the required GEA performance if it achieve 100 % of its GEA energy absorption at 60% deflection .

yokohama pneumatic rubber fenders       floating  yokohama pneumatic rubber fenders

The performance of Evergreen Maritime floating YOKOHAMA pneumatic rubber fenders are shown below which combined with ISO 17357 : 2002 and PIANC 2002 .

Performance curve of pneumatic fenders

 Compression-recovery test

Evergreen Maritime floating fenders are compressed and released repeatedly by doing the compression recovery test to ensure the  better recoverability . 





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