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Leading manufacturer of ship launching airbags, pneumatic fenders, foam filled fenders, offshore buoys

We are using our knowledge and experience of rubber, foam and solid-buoyancy, and PU elastomer technology to solve the customer needs of the future. We have a deep sense of responsibility in Evergreen Maritime towards each other, our partners and the communities where we work. We do all we can to keep you updated. One these pages you will find the latest news items about the company, as well as reports releases.

Our top priority is our commitment to quality.

  • Ship Launching Airbags

    Ship Launching Airbags

    Ship Launching Airbags, also known as roller bags or ship launching balloon, are made of heavy-duty ...
  • Pneumatic Rubber Fenders

    Pneumatic Rubber Fenders

    Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fenders which is made of synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber sheet with compr...
  • Foam Filled Fenders

    Foam Filled Fenders

    China leading manufacturer of high performance foam filled fenders. Most advanced technology in desi...
  • Surface Support Buoys

    Surface Support Buoys

    General surface support buoys are extensively used in single point mooring (SPM) system. The three m...

Evergreen ship launching airbags are extremely versatile with best quality. The ongoing support enhances the operational capabilities. Its engineers are highly experienced in the use of airbags available to assist those companies not used the previously,with large or difficult launching.

---John Wray from Strategic Marine

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Professional "ship launching airbags" team, Eversafe Marine Engineering , with its experienced engineers to provide the ship launching contract, consulting, and design service.

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